International Children's Book Day

Some H.C. Andersen's stories from E' class!

Hans Christian Andersen

  • The Ugly Duckling

   Once upon a time, a duck was ready to lay her eggs. She laid the first, the second and the third and all the ducklings were beautiful and smart. Then, she laid her fourth egg, but she was really disappointed. Her fourth duckling was ugly and dump and all the other ducklings made fun of it. The ugly duckling was very sad, so he left his family and went to live alone. Suddenly, when spring had come, the ugly duckling decided to go out and swim. Then, he saw himself in the water. But when he saw himself, he wasn’t ugly anymore. He had become the most beautiful swan!

  • The Snow Queen
 It’s a story about the fight between good and evil. A little boy, Kai, and a little girl, Gerda, were very good friends, but suddenly they became enemies. A piece of magic mirror hurt Kai’s eyes and his heart was frozen. Gerda helped him to see the good around him again. Her tears and her love unfroze Kai’s frozen heart.

  • The Girl With The Matches 

There was a little girl who was selling boxes of matches in the street. She was barefoot. She didn’t sell many matches and she got tired. The girl thought of food and a warm house with blankets and hot chocolate. But that night she died from the cold alone in the frozen street.

  • The Garden Of Paradise

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