Poetry in English!!

     Οι μαθητές της Στ΄ τάξης έγραψαν ποιήματα στα αγγλικά, χρησιμοποιώντας ρήματα αίσθησης.

Ας τα απολαύσουμε!

   My lovely blackberry pie

Oh, my tempting blackberry pie
you smell amazing
just like my favourite perfume
the whole house smells great 
but I 've already ate... 

Danai D.

 My sweet pancake

Fried in a pan
it looks so gold
it smells so good
it feels soft in my hand
it tastes like honey in my mouth
and makes the cook feel proud!

Stelios K.

 My little sweet dog!

My little dog
isn't so old.
His name is Goldy
and he is lovely.
His coat feels soft
and smooth
and it looks so good.
He smells nice!
I love him so much 
let's give him a hug!

Penelope K. 

 Sunday morning Sunday night

Sunday morning, Sunday night
I feel weak and I am crying.
It sounds bad
and yes it is...
Cause I'm thinking of all these. 

Kiriaki K.   

       What is an apple?

What is good and what is red?
It is apple which is red.
Apples are delicious fruits.
If you taste it
it will travel you
to a magic fruit town.
It looks nice
like a flower. 
Now I'm gonna 
have a shower.
But imagine an apple...
it sounds very magic
but it is real and always near you
if you believe it! 

Sergio S. 

 My beautiful bike

Oh, my beautiful bike
with you I go to the hike!
You look very good
and then I touch you!
Your look is so ancient
and I am impatient
because I love you
and now I live with you
I love my bike! 

Stelios B.

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